By Tyler

If you’re worried about someone accidentally grabbing your luggage at baggage claim, DO WHAT THIS GUY DID!!!!!

Obviously, you should never, EVER check a bag (ever), ever.  No point paying $37.24 to have the airline accidentally send it to Louisville when you’re just hanging out in Cabo.  Even worse, your boring black suitcase looks EXACTLY like every other one that they are throwing into the bottom of the plane.  Makes it even easier to find when they lose it.

THIS guy though… he has it figured out.  How many times has the airline lost this dude’s plain, black suitcase?  How many times has some random old lady walked away with his plain, black suitcase after thinking it was hers at baggage claim.  Apparently, so many times that he got to the point where he said “F&*$ THIS, I’M PUTTING MY PICTURE ON THE NEXT ONE”.

I just want to be there when this conversation happens:

“Sir, can you please describe the checked bag that we lost?”

“Sure…. handsome as hell”



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