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Fall Eye Brow Trend: Wavy Eyebrows? Braided?

The perfect brow is a struggle…and now these new fall eyebrow trends may drive us to the breaking point!

So what’s “fashion forward” in brows?

Up first, the ‘Wavy Brow”: 

I mean first, you would have to SHAVE OFF (or remove) your actual brown and draw this in. Unless, you’re a wizard and they grow in like that, in which case…this trend is old news to you.

Next up, the ‘Plaited Brow’ (or braided brow): 

How does one even do this? Eyebrow weave? It looks heavy right? Would it pull your brow down? Do your brows have that much hair?

Last but not least, the “Feathered Brow”: 

Now to me, THAT seems the most realistic to pull off. It does appear to have a great deal of product in it. Brow moose?

What do you think? Will you be making any of those looks happen for your brows?

For me personally, I’m more for the natural brow (ignore that line if you see me with braided brows out next week) – but hey you do you!

Wishing you and your eyebrows a fashionable fall! :p




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