By Lizzy Buczak

Dear cold weather,

How are you? I’m assuming not that great considering no one is really welcoming you with open arms.

For that, I apologize. But you have to understand, it’s only October and we weren’t really expecting temps to drop below 40 degrees just yet.

When we were all complaining about the sweltering summer heat, we really should have known better. Good things don’t last very long.

But we were too eager; too eager to douse our bodies in pumpkin spice lattes, wrap ourselves in over sized scarves and cuddle up in sweater weather while watching fall TV shows.

We were excited for fall. We didn’t expect the weather to go from 75 degrees one weekend to 39 the next.

It’s Chicago so once again, we should have know better, but there’s always this glimmer of hope that maybe the Windy City will let us enjoy warmer temps and sunshine till, at least, after Halloween.

Yet it’s only October 27 and Tom Skilling is already warning me about possible snow this Saturday.

Why is my car covered with a frost that makes me late for work?

Why am I wondering if it’s too early too pull out my fuzzy socks and wear them with Uggs?

How come I didn’t even get a warning and now I can’t find any hats or gloves?

I mean, I didn’t even have a minute to dust off my space heaters before turning them on full blast to warm up my chilled to the core body.

The thing is, we were expecting a gradual transition to winter and instead, were blindsided by a freezing blast.

The harsh reality that soon we’ll need to wear layers upon layers of clothes, shovel snow, warm up our cars, lose the ability to feel our cheeks, deal with an office full of sick people, and put out weird objects that we find in the basement to call “dibs” on parking spots has set in.

So we need you to understand that while we can’t wait to spend the holidays with you cold weather, we’re just a little thrown.

Like Taylor Swift, you should have asked if “we’re ready for it” before arriving unannounced because we simply weren’t ready for you….

Your like that annoying single aunt who comes over for Thanksgiving and never leaves.

So give us some time to prepare and we promise that we’ll welcome you and your below 0 degrees temps with open arms… preferably at the end of November.



Chicago residents, who always take summer for granted and then spend the remaining 6 months longing for warmer temps again.


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