Thanksgiving might be the worst day to travel by car.

Why? In 2016, The Amercian Automobile Association projected nearly 49 million American would drive 50 miles or more for the holiday weekend.

And while we can’t blame people for wanting to visit and spend time with family, we can blame them for all the annoying traffic.

This year, Google Maps decided to do something about it.

They studied a ton of Thanksgiving traffic trends to help you avoid that bumper to bumper drive, which will make you miss all of dinner and even dessert.

Google was able to make the following traffic predictions by analyzing “the total number of cars on the road at a given time, as determined by the speed and location of Android phones that have location services enabled,” a spokesperson told AOL in an email.

You basically fill out what city you are leaving from and it pulls up the best and worst times for you to depart.

As expected, the best time is always in the wee-hours of the AM.

If you plan on traveling, we definitely recommend using this tool!


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