By Showbiz Shelly


Showbiz Shelly chats with author Daniel Chidiac on his book, “Who Says You Can’t? You Do.”

In the book, Chidiac highlights seven steps to success. These steps are:

  • Self-Discovery: Learning how to form a lasting understanding of yourself to be able to enhance your ability to create change in an instant
  • Energy: How to properly harness the vast energy within yourself by identifying the activities that enrich your life and ditching the ones that don’t
  • The System of Achievement: a step-by-step process on how to overcome any challenge in business, help you find what you are passionate about, and create the clarity and emotional charge that is needed to succeed.
  • Steer Your Relationships: Harness the tools to start attracting the right people to your life by taking stock and control of the relationships around you
  • Create a Healthy Physical Existence: “Without a healthy body, your life is not successful, period.”
  • Awaken Your Mind, Unchain Your Heart: Learn to analyze how your actions not just affect your own life but the world at large
  • Find Fulfillment: Figure out what makes you truly happy and start knocking down the social myth that has influenced your heart to believe that happiness is synthetic.

Accomplishing your dreams ARE possible!


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