By Tyler

It’s been a solid month of free advertising for Tide.  First, a bunch of people go on the internet and eat Tide Pods.  It goes viral.  People start making fun of the clowns that are eating the Tide Pods and throw some amazing memes out there.  It goes viral.  Tide grabs Rob Gronkowski and puts a video saying “you shouldn’t eat Tide Pods”.  It goes viral.   Then, the news starts covering all of this.

I even learned that you should put the Tide Pod in the washing machine instead of the place where you normally dump the detergent.  Who knew?  I’ve learned so much this month.

Now, Tide Pods are getting a big boost again because New York lawmakers have figured out why people are throwing them into their heads instead of into their washing machines.  It’s cause they look so delicious.

I’m not kidding.

They want to a law that requires a different packaging for Tide Pods.  Shake my damn head.  Full story in the link below from VICE.



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