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Some Really Big Rings

I made the Blackhawks developmental 4th string pee wee practice squad! #Blessed

Chicago’s B96–10/11/2015

Jerzy Auditions For The Bears Cheer Squad

My high kicks weren’t good enough 😦

Chicago’s B96–09/20/2015

Jerzy LOST At Sea!

Note: NEVER go sailing without WIND!

Chicago’s B96–08/30/2015

Jerzy Adopts Baby Giraffe

My NEW best friend, his name is Jeff!

Chicago’s B96–08/23/2015

Jerzy Does Six Flags

Jerzy ventured off to the happiest place in the universe, SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA! An exhilarating day of roller coasters, corn dogs and taking pictures with furry celebrities.

Chicago’s B96–07/26/2015

#TBT Yung Jerzy

When I was 17 and frosted tips gave me street cred.

Chicago’s B96–07/19/2015

Jerzy’s 4th Of July Weekend

Came in 1st place at rib fest #Blessed

Chicago’s B96–07/05/2015

Summer Bash 2015

The dopest party of the summer and the night I became a groupie.

Chicago’s B96–06/28/2015

HAWKS WIN And Take Over The World!

I’m waaaaaay up I feel blessed!

Chicago’s B96–06/21/2015

Jerzy’s Week In Review

Like literally

Chicago’s B96–06/14/2015

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