Taylor Swift "The Swift Life" App Saves Lives!If you're a Swiftie and sleepin on Taylor Swift's new app you're missing out! A homeless fan reached out to her on it and she moved her in! Details here!
#NationalIceCreamDay Fail! Uh-oh!Did you get your ice cream on for #NationalIceCreamDay ? This place promised free ice cream and well it didn't work out! See why people were so any here!
B96 Cares : Million Meals for LoveSpread the best kind of love this Valentine's Day! Help feed children in need! Share the love, share a meal!
Here's Why You Should Delete The "Most Used Words" App Right Now!It's a "privacy nightmare."
[Listen] Would You Hook Up With Your Uber Driver?Uber drivers are confessing they are hooking up with their clients!
Facebook Deleted The "Who Deleted Me" App?!Well it was a good run...
Snapchat Has Changed Again: Here’s How It WorksSnapchat is always changing … remember when it took our BFFs away?
[Listen] Find My Phone Frank: Is This APP Hurting His Relationship?Is this app causing Frank to break-up with his GF?
B96 Cares! How A Smart Phone Can Help You Arrive Alive!Arrive alive! Don't Drink and Drive!
You Can't Sit With Us: The iOS Mean Girls Game
What Celebrity Do You Look Like?Have you ever wondered what celebrity you looked like? Check out 'Alike', I would say my results are pretty dead accurate.
New Free App "Flying Cyrus" With Wrecking Balls & Sledgehammers!

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