'Pretty Little Liars' Series Finale Theory - Is Spencer's Twin Sister A.D?I've been down this "who is A.D" avenue one to many times and have failed to come up with anything plausible or satisfactory but I can't argue with the facts here. 
6 Burning "Pretty Little Liars" Questions We Need Answered During The Series FinaleThe two-hour event will reveal who killed A.D, but what about the other questions still lingering? #PLLGameOver
We Finally Found out Who Killed Charlotte on "Pretty Little Liars"Did you expect THAT twist?
One Liar Gets Engaged, Another Is Shady on "Pretty Little Liars"Recap for this week's "Driving Miss Crazy" episode!
REVIEW: Emison Fans Finally Got Their Big Moment on "Pretty Little Liars"“The only thing scarier than playing this game is losing a friend over it.”
EPISODE REVIEW: Does Spencer Have an Evil Twin Sister on 'Pretty Little Liars'?Hanna and Emily get closer to finding A.D's identity, Aria betrays the girls, Detective Furey gets closer to solving Dunhill's murder and WREN is back in town chatting with a bizarre Spencer.
We Finally Found Out Who Killed Jessica DiLaurentis on 'Pretty Little Liars'Were you surprised?
Review: A.D Wants To Play a Game in the Season Premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars'A.D returns with a gift for each liar in the 7B premiere "PlAytime" as they gear up to face his terrifying endgame.
Did Lucy Hale Just Reveal That Aria Is A.D on 'Pretty Little Liars'"You'll see a dark side of Aria," Lucy Hale revealed ahead of the final season premiere tonight!
Watch The First Minute of The Final Season of "Pretty Little Liars"We've been waiting MONTHS for this moment.
"Pretty Little Liars" Airs Series Finale Promos, Promises Ultimate A.D RevealAll the secrets, mysteries and lies have all led us here - to the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars.
"Pretty Little Liars" Will Live Forever With Its New Mobile Game!It's not over... it's never over... and we'll never know who A really is.

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