Is Lindsay Lohan Dating "Korean Hulk" Je-Yong Ha?

December 4, 2017
If you take a look at Lindsay Lohan's Instagram, it's kind of like playing "where in the world is Lindsay Lohan?" She's a jetsetter, posting pictures from all over the world, most recently Dubai. There's no trace of any man on her timeline but some fans have pointed out that she appears all over Korean lifter Je-Yong Ha's Insta page. Je-Yong Ha is better known as the "Korean Hulk." The name should be a dead giveaway as to why but in case it isn't, he's a superhuman being. (Not to mention VERY WEALTHY.) Anyways, he first posted a picture with Lindsay on August 11th when they were presumably vacationing in Mykonons. He posted another video calling her a "Mykonos peacemaker:   Then another photo calling her "more beautiful than your day":   Another one with her back in Dubai:   And than this sweet picture that was posted in October:
So are these two just really good friends? Or is this Lohan's new bae? Whatever it is, we're just happy she found happiness and purpose!