Hangover Cures For When You Get Lit on New Year's Eve

December 10, 2017
We've got to prevent those hangovers which are inevitable after drinking to ring in the new year!     1. Eat Before Drinking Seems obvious but you'd be surprised how many people don't follow this simple, fool-proof rule. Opt for something high in protein to help your body metabolize the alcohol.   2. Sleep Drink some water, take some pain relievers and get back to sleep. Napping also helps.   3. Fluids Alka-Seltzer, pure water, sports drinks with plenty of electrolytes. They are all your friends when you have a hangover, which is caused by dehydration.   4. Pain Relievers Iburpofen can help get rid of the symptoms of a hangover.   5. Ginger Ginger helps upset stomachs and nausea. You can drink ginger ale, drink ginger tea, or steep ginger slices in hot water.   6. Bloody Mary without the alcohol A virgin mary is the way to go. Tomato juice will replenish vitamin C in your body.   7. B-Complex vitamins Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid help support the nervous system. If your body allows you to eat food, opt for eggs, potatoes, dairy and leafy greens.   8. Soup Broth has tons of necessary nutrients and helps your body recover from both colds and hangovers.