Top 5 Backstage Moments from the 2017 Jinglebash

December 10, 2017
Sure you were blown away by the 2017 B96 Pepsi Jinglebash...but just wait til you hear what went down backstage!

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1) Sabrina Carpenter is a fan! YES! She was second in the line-up, but came out extra early to watch Khalid (who opened the show) and stayed until the last Swiftie left the building! <3   2) Where did Khalid get his Cubs jersey? From B96! We had them made at Clark Street Sports and LOVED that he rocked it on-stage!   *If you're wondering where Fifth Harmonys' were - they got theirs when they came to our show the first time :p 3) Taylor Swift Has BSB Love! Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys showed off this awesome HAND-WRITTEN letter that Tay wrote to the group and had waiting for them in their dressing room! MY GUESS is that she did it for all the performers...because that's how she rolls.   4) Performer Fun! I've said it a million times - one of my favorite things about the Jinglebash is that we B96 kids get to see each other and hang out all together - which is hard to do...but the same goes for the performers at the show! Check out social butterfly Khalid's pics with Normani from Fifth Harmony, Logic and Marshmello.   5) Meredith and Olivia Taylor Swift makes no secret about how much she loves her cats so I don't think any of us were surprised when they too came to the Jinglebash! Sadly, we didn't get to play with them. They did watch their Mom from backstage tho... '