Selena Gomez's Mom Literally SICK Over Jelena!

December 19, 2017
Yikes! Selena Gomez may be over-the-moon for her reunion with Justin Bieber...but her Mom is over in the hospital about it! Check out what TMZ is saying about it:
Law enforcement sources tell us police went to an L.A. area hotel last week to do a welfare check on Selena's mom, Mandy Teefey, at a family member's request. We're told she was taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out, but not under a 5150 hold -- instead, she was voluntarily transported for treatment.
*Section 5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code the which authorizes a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person suspected to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to themselves WOW! She must really be worried about her daughter for her to have such a severe reaction! Sources are also reporting that she (Mama Gomez) unfollowed Selena on Instagram! I think that's more about her not wanting to "see their love" if she does not approve of this reunion. I am super-tight with my family, so if my Mom had an issue with someone I was dating I would consider not dating them. Do you think Jelena is meant to be? Should Justin Bieber do something about this?