Today is the Busiest Holiday Travel Day

December 21, 2017
This might come in handy when you're heading home today and find yourself stuck in traffic! Thursday (today) is the BUSIEST holiday travel day according to the American Automobile Association. Travel times are expected to triple between 4p and 6pm. Not only will people be going home, there will be holiday travelers on the road so expect your trains to see an increase in bodies. The City of Chicago believes that O'Hare and Midway will also break travel records today welcoming more than 5.2 million passengers traveling for Christmas and New Year's/ However, the BUSIEST airport day will be FRIDAY with an expected 225,000 passengers at O’Hare and 70,000 at Midway. And in case you aren't aware, Chicago makes the list for "Worst Airports to Fly Through." Atlanta beat us to the top with 3,918 number of flights canceled. Chicago comes in second with 3,505!