Keep Your Animals Safe In Cold Chicago Temps

December 26, 2017
The snow and below zero wind chills aren't just an adjustment for us - but also for our pets! Unfortunately, since they can't speak, it's hard to know if they're cold or not feeling well, so it's up to us to pay attention to some simple things that could lead to big problems if neglected!

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe In Cold Weather

1) Don't leave your animals outside / Limit outside time Yes, a majority of dogs and cats have hair and are made to be outside but in below zero temps, just like people, they can get frost bite and hypothermia.
Burrito and Abby dressed in their winter coats before they go outside for a quick walk

Be sure to limit their time outdoors (sweaters, coats & even boots are recommended) and if they're accustomed to being outside make sure to give them extra protein to maintain their energy and be sure to have a place for them to go that is draft free and warm. **Here are some heated dog/cat beds: Warm Pet Beds
Burrito loves car rides

2) Don't leave your animals in your car. Even if you're just running in somewhere for a second and you leave the heat on, when temperatures dip down below zero your car can work like a refrigerator and keep the cold sealed in. Your best bet is to leave your pets at home while you run your errands.
Worried your pet isn't feeling well? Never hesitate to call the vet!

3) Be aware of seasonal chemicals Salt used for ice and anti-freeze are common dangers for animals. The salt can cause their paws to get infected (getting cut or chapped and then salted) and apparently anti-freeze has a sweet smell and makes animals think it's a sweet drink - and it's TOXIC! Be sure when they come in from being outside that you dry their paws with a towel to wipe off any excess salt or other seasonal fluids. Also, keep the anti-freeze out of their reach, and if you notice your pets rubbing their eyes of licking their paws more than usual call your vet. Want more tips on keeping your animals happy and safe in the Chi-town cold? Check out the City of Chicago's Cold Weather Pet Care Page or the ASPCA