What Happens When You Accidentally Text A Celebrity

December 27, 2017
It's the most exciting moment of your life - you get engaged!! And you excitedly INTEND to text your sister, but in all the joy you text the wrong number...and it just so happens to be Sarah Michelle Gellar!!! That totally happened to Charlyn Willis! She meant to share the new with her sister and typed in the wrong number on her cellphone and that just so happened to be Buffy the freakin Vampire Slayer!!! LOL Sarah had THE BEST reaction! She let Charlyn know it was the wrong person, congratulated her, and then posted THIS: https://www.facebook.com/sarahmichellegellar/photos/a.966017450096636.10... Awesome right? Charlyn freaked out when she realized she had just text SMG (she obviously saw the post) and responded:
Omg! Thank you Sarah! His name is Dennis! Thank you so much for this. You've truly made my engagement experience even more of a life changer. Please know when we set a date, I’ll be reaching out to invite you, Freddie, and the kids!
Think Sarah will go? :p