More Info About Justin Timberlake's New Album and Single

January 3, 2018
Justin Timberlake had the socials going bananas yesterday after the announcement of his new album and single...and now we have more info to share! The single that will be released this Friday be called, "Filthy" AND he says there will be 3 more songs (that means 3 more videos) released before the album drops on 2.2.17! So that's 4 songs TOTAL in less than a month! Ahhhhh I'm freaking out! Now if you were concerned when you heard the title of the album, "Man of the Woods"  - like what are these campfire songs?? No ma'am! Justin said "Filthy" was co-written and produced with Timbaland and Danja. Now as far as the video for it, he said we can expect it to be:
"Colorful, futuristic and dance-heavy"
And will feature him as a modern-day inventor presenting his latest creation to the world. OMG is it Friday yet?!