How to Avoid Scarf and Hat Hair This Winter

January 4, 2018
We'll just get to the point: it's really cold outside and the bitter weather is wreaking havoc on your hair and skin! There's a lot that goes into taking care of ourselves and our bodies in the winter: you have to wear multiple layers, you have to blast the heat, keep things leveled with a humidifier, and lotion your skin every five minutes. It's a pain. If this sounds like you, that means you're probably all too familiar with the tangled mess on your hair that comes along with wearing scarves and hats. Knotty and matted tresses aren't a good look for anyone, so here are some steps you can take to prevent all that tangling while staying warm at the same time.
  1. Keep Your Hair Up - While this obviously solves the problem of your hair getting tangled from scarves, it isn't very practical because you can't wear a hat with your hair up. And that means, your melon is freezing in those negative digits. No one wants that. If you want to give this a whirl, opt for a bun!
  2. De-Static - Static and frizz are two culprits that lead to tangling so before you wrap your scarf and put on that hat, use a static control spray!
  3. Tuck Your Hair - Try tucking your hair into your sweater or shirt before putting on your scarf. That way, it won't rub against the surface of the scarf minimizing the knots. You can also braid it or tie it into a pony at the nape of your neck so it's not rubbing on your scarf and coat!
  4. Leave In Conditioner - Winter is the best time to make use of your leave in conditioner. It'll leave your hair more moisturized so it won't tangle as much!
  5. Fabric Softeners - Believe it or not, rubbing a fabric softener on your hair removes the static that comes after stuffing your hair into a thick hat.
  6. Keep Your Hair Moist - The air is drier both outside and inside, especially if you crank the heat like I do. That's drying out your hair, which makes it prone to tangling, so you need to replace that lost moisture. Use a good conditioner and slathering it on thick nonce a week. You can also switch to heavier oil products to provide more moisture.
If your hair is tangled, use a brush made specifically for unknotting hair. Tangle Teezers are perfect and will glide through your hair without breaking the cuticle.