'Pretty Little Liars' Actress Stars in Terrifyingly Gruesome New Movie "Truth or Dare"

January 4, 2018
It may be 2018 but Blumhouse is still delivering irresistible & slightly silly horror flicks. The latest offering is titled "Truth or Dare" and stars Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale. So what's creepy about Truth or Dare besides the possibility of having your deepest darkest secrets revealed or being forced to do something slightly embarrassing? Well in this version of the game, a supernatural entity forces you to play. "The game is real, wherever you go, whatever you do, it will find you," Olivia's (Hale's) new squeeze tells her after tricking her and her friends to play the game one night to spare his own life. Turns out, he isn't lying. Since that moment that they were all introduced to the game, everyone's begun seeing visions and becoming possessed to play the game. If they lie or turn down the dares, they die. And in the process, they all make faces that look like Snapchat filters! "How do we get out of this game alive," Hale asks. "You can't, it only ends when all the players are dead," the supernatural spirit tells her. So in other words, regardless if you play along, you'll still be killed. Check out the creepy yet satisfying trailer in the player above!