Someone Stole A $1.3 Million .... Bottle Of Vodka.

January 4, 2018
A thief in Denmark broke into a bar and stole a bottle of Vodka worth $1.3 million.  The bottle was made with almost seven pounds of gold, seven pounds of silver and a diamond encrusted cap. The bottle was on loan from a Russian rich guy and it WASN'T EVEN INSURED!!!  I wouldn't even lend my friends a 20 dollar bottle of Absolute out of fear that I wouldn't get it back.  Yet, this guy lent a bar in another country a 1.3 million dollar uninsured bottle?   Another question:  was this bottle not locked up in some sort of armor case around all those drunk people in a bar?  I can't even get razors at the Walgreens without finding three managers and a special key. Also, what exactly does the thief think he/she is going to do with this bottle?  Sell it on Craigslist?  An auction?  Put it on display?  It's like stealing a famous piece of art.  Ok, you got it.  Now what?  There's one of them and people now know whoever has it is up to shenanigans.   This story is just filled a bunch of rich people, stupid people and rich, stupid people. We did the math for you and $1.3 million dollars will buy you 68,421 regular bottles of Smirnoff. The full story from Time can be found here