Did Britney Spears Sign a New Las Vegas Residency Deal?

January 11, 2018
Oops... she's doing it again? Britney Spears may have wrapped up her Las Vegas 'Piece of Me' residency in January, but she's ready to keep on dancing. Sources told US Weekly that Spears allegedly signed a deal to perform at Las Vegas' Park Theater in 2019. Lady Gaga will be taking her talents to the Park Theater stage for a 74-date run starting this December, while Bruno Mars, Ricky Martin and Cher all have reoccurring performances at the Monte Carlo resort. Since the gig is supposed to begin in 2019, it means Brit and Lady Gaga will most likely switch off with each other. The source added that a major driving force behind Brit's decision is the flexibility the steady gig offers her. By performing in Vegas, she's able to spend plenty of time with her kiddos, Preston and Jayden. “The schedule was perfect for her and her kids,” the source revealed adding, “so why not continue?” There has been NO official comment from Brit-Brit or her team! Personally, we're just thrilled that our window to see Brit in Vegas has just been extended.