New Study Reveals Dog Owners Would Rather Hang Out With Their Pets

January 17, 2018
Today in news everyone already knew: dog owners hate people and would rather hang out with their pets. Okay fine, that's a lie.... dog owners don't hate EVERYONE, but they do prefer to spend time with their four-legged friends. A study, conducted on 2,000 dog owners, found that more than half of American dog owners will bail on a social even to hang with their pet. Dogs have an incredible effect on our mental health. Aside from the unconditional love and the motivation to do more they often help owners get through five (4.83) stressful events every week. The least we could do is return the favor and spend some time with them, right? According to the study, 82 percent of dog owners noticed an improvement in their mental and emotional health thanks to their pup. Dogs are also great listeners. 80% of study responders say they talked to their dog like a friend with the single responders being two times more likely to talk about relationship problems. So next time your friend opts to stay in with the pup, don't take it personally; They just have a special kind of connection! Maybe offer to spend a night chilling with them and get a heaping dose of cuddles from fido!