96 Seconds

B96 puts each celebrity to the test in a speed-round segment titled "96 Seconds"

Johnny, NCT-127 2019 Pepsi JingleBash

The Most Pure 96 Second Interview With Johnny From NCT-127

Johnny from NCT-127 joins #SpankysCorner backstage in The Dunkin' Lounge during Pepsi Jingle Bash for probably the cutest 96 second interview that your heart can possibly take. Johnny, who hails from the suburbs of Chicago, gets hit with a lot of Chicago centric questions. Such as "favorite suburb...
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96 Seconds with Julia

Get to know our new night on-air personality, Julia! You can catch Julia B96 weekdays 7pm-Midnight. And read Julia's bio HERE !
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96 Seconds with Alessia Cara: Which Body Part is She Most Attracted to?

Alessia Cara revealed the body part she's most attracted to, the weirdest thing about fame, the one dish she can cook in her sleep, and what fruit she would want to be.
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