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14 Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Chicago

Keeping up with your Instagram feed is a necessity in our photo-driven society. So it's a good thing that you live in Chicago, a picturesque city with an abundance of social media worthy spots. We searched for some of the less obvious spots in Chicago that are most popular for IGers. These murals,...
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Where Is It Filmed? A TV Show's Guide To Filming Locations In The City

Everyone always says Chicago is kind of like the new Hollywood, and they aren't lying! There are currently more than 10 TV shows filming in the city and last year, they brought in about $1.3 billion dollars. So, not only is Chicago getting the much-deserved recognition, but we're also getting money...
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29 Celebrities You Didn't Know Call Chicago Home!

Before Kanye and Kim's daughter, Chicago, took ownership of the city, there were tons of celebrities who called the "Chi" home! You may be surprised by some of the names you find on this list and some won't be surprising at all. Still, here's a shout-out to all our Chicagoans that are doing big...
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WATCH: Gina Rodriguez Shouts Out Hometown Chicago in Vogue's "73 Questions"

And she still calls it the Sears Tower!
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