RECAP: The B96 Pepsi JingleBash

I Did Something Bad Then Why's It Feel So Good?

December 8, 2017

Just kidding, we did nothing bad at the B96 Pepsi #JingleBash of 2017. We did a LOT of good with so many incredibly talented artists.

The lineup for our holiday show was out of this world; we even landed the biggest superstar on the planet — Taylor Swift! Leading up to the show, the weather had been pretty warm. But of course, as with every year, the day of the bash it began snowing!

As doors opened at 6pm, fans rushed inside the Allstate Arena, all there for a different reason. There were hip-hop fans who were excited to see Logic, 90s babies beyond ready for a trip down memory lane with the Backstreet Boys and of course, Swifties that knew every word to every song, even on her newest addition #Reputation. High pitched screams echoed the arena as Khalid hopped on stage to kick off the show. The 19-year-old rocked his Cubs jersey throughout the performance, which included a surprise appearance by Marshmello who joined him for "Silence."

Credit: Floyd McCraney

Sabrina Carpenter took the stage next rocking a black blazer, fishnets and knee-high boots. She sang some older tunes from her Disney Channel days like "Thumbs" and some newer hits including "Why" and "First Love" with special guests Lost Kings.

Credit: Floyd McCraney

  Fifth Harmony was warming up to hit the stage with their matching, festive ensembles. It was complete slayage, though we really expected nothing else from our seasoned JingleBash performers.

Credit: Floyd McCraney

They kicked things off with "Work From Home," which riled up the crowd. Other songs from their recent self-titled album included "Angel" and "He Like That."

Credit: Floyd McCraney

Fifth Harmony was a tough act to follow, but Logic knew how to work the crowd. He delivered a set full of love, positivity, acceptance and equality, which is why we, and his fans, love him so much. The arena lit up (thanks to all those phones) when he sang his hit 1-800-273-8255, the number to the suicide prevention hotline.

Credit: FloydMcCraney

Although the words of the song aren't exactly something to rage about, Logic made the moment inspiring, encouraging fans to scream "I don't wanna die" and "I just wanna LIVE." Hell yes we do, Logic! Next up, it was time for some nostalgia to hit the stage.

Credit: Lizzy Buczak

Some kiddos were dancing and singing along, yet the majority of the fans were older and loving every minute of the nostalgia-induced happiness.

Credit: Floyd McCraney

Backstreet Boys opened up with their 1999 hit "Larger Than Life" and then went into a medley of greatest hits, which included their 1997 hit "Get Down," their 1999 hit "I Want it That Way" and their 2000 hit "The Call."

Credit: Floyd McCraney

They closed off on an electrifying note with "Backstreets Back." They sure are, baby!  

Last up was the Queen of Pop, Ms. Taylor Swift. Fans were MORE THAN READY FOR IT, which is the single she kicked things off with.

Rocking a sequined top and black shorts, she delivered some of her biggest hits including "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space."

Then, she properly buried the "old Taylor" in front of her Chicago fans with her final performance "Look What You Made Me Do." Whoever made her do this song, this album, this everything, we seriously thank you.

Basically, jaw-dropping performances all around that sometimes made you dance like you were five! If you exited the show with energy left, you didn't do it right because this #JingleBash was a complete party from beginning to end. What do you say we do it all again at the B96 Pepsi #SummerBash on Saturday, June 24th? We'll see you there - if this year's lineup was any indication - you should probably get your tickets early!