EXCLUSIVE: Camila Cabello Reveals Her Latino Dream Collab and Biggest Culture Shock

Plus the ‘Romance’ singer’s favorite foods and what she’s listening to right now

December 12, 2019

Half of Camila Cabello’s heart is in Havana, but does that love extend to all things Cuban?

In the exclusive video above, Cabello tells us about the culture shock she experienced when she first moved to the United States, her favorite Hispanic musicians, and the food she craves around the holidays.

“Well, to be totally honest with you, we always have the same thing, we have the same thing for the holidays as we do four nights of the week, which is getting on my nerves, frankly,” she jokes.

“I’m sure a lot of Latin people and Latin families feel this. We have pork, rice, beans, plantains, and tamales. Which we also have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,” she explains before admitting that when she’s had traditional Latino holiday food, “it was pretty amazing so I’d actually kind of like to have that again.”

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Cabello moved to the United States when she was five, and says the biggest culture shock, apart from having to learn a new language, was her name. When taking attendance her teacher called her by her first and last name, Karla Cabello, and she was “so shy" because she didn't know how to speak English, and didn't correct them.

"I didn’t say that I wanted to be called Camila. From first grade to beginning of tenth grade everybody in school called me Karla and my family called me Camila.”

To this day, when she goes home to Miami her friends call her Karla, “which is a really trippy thing.”

“I don’t know if you’ve met anybody who didn’t like their name but I didn’t like Karla, because my family always calls me Camila and I always felt like a Camila,” she shares.

Selena Quintanilla, Jenni Rivera, and Celia Cruz were beloved all-stars in the Hispanic music world, and when asked which of them she’d most like to work with, the Cuban singer had no hesitation in naming her compatriot.

“I would definitely collaborate with Celia Cruz, who is a legend! I would love to hang out with her, because she had such a vivacious, loud, beautiful spirit and I love that. ¡Azucar!” she said, ending with Cruz’s signature catchphrase.

Camila has a soft spot for other Latin artists, including Colombian musician J Balvin, who has taken the world by storm after collaborations with reggaeton powerhouses Maluma and Bad Bunny, and superstars Cardi B and Beyoncé. Cabello says she’s “listened to J Balvin’s music for such a long time, since his first album.”

Another Hispanic artist on her playlist? Rosalía, the Spanish singer who incorporates flamenco into modern pop. “She’s somebody that’s rising that is super talented.”

For more from Camila Cabello, watch the full interview above. Romance is now available everywhere.

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