EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Brothers Explain Their Recent Gift Giving Controversy

Holiday etiquette has changed for them since getting married

December 23, 2019

One of the many benefits of having siblings is being able to share. Sometimes that means clothes, and sometimes it means credit. The Jonas Brothers have always made it a habit of going in on a gift together, helping each other out in the hectic holiday season, but now that everyone is married the rules have changed.

Today’s holiday etiquette question is all about gift giving rules.

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“Our lives have changed very much,” Nick Jonas says very seriously. “People ask, ‘what’s the biggest change in your life in this last year and a half?’ It’s that we’re all married now.”

“Joe and I having lived together, and been brothers for my whole life,” he continues. “We share basically everything. Shared living in a sense, and that was kind of our setup. Until recently we were like, we should probably start to, with our wives, buy gifts for people.”

Rather than the two leaning on each other to throw their name on a card or share in the credit of a gift, the rules are different with the "J-Sisters" around.

“Can’t do that anymore,” Joe Jonas adds.

“It’s different, and it’s important that we set up some separation,” Nick concludes. “But Joe, it was a really good run,” he says, extending his hand to his brother. “Had a blast,” echoes Joe.

If the Jonas Brothers have taught us anything, this year be careful how you gift and always put your wife first. On the card, and everywhere else.

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