EXCLUSIVE: Tones and I on Creating 'The Kids Are Coming Home' and Meeting Macklemore

Plus the latest on new music

March 3, 2020

Tones and I has come a long way from the street corners of Australia in a short period of time. It’s only been two years since she quit her job to try busking, but the woman born Toni Watson already has a number one song and an EP on her resume and more music is on the way.

2019’s The Kids Are Coming features the international record-breaking hit “Dance Monkey” and five other tracks that all have a purpose. Tones told RADIO.COM she wanted the EP to be sonically diverse and without a specific mood. She even turned “Colourblind” from a banger to a ballad to accomplish her goal.

“I knew this was going to be my first ever release to the world, and I really wanted to show them that I was versatile in terms of my songwriting,” she said. “I didn’t purposely write these songs for that reason, but I did select these songs for that reason.”

To say her vision was well received is an understatement. Tones is already rubbing elbows with the likes of Macklemore, who she considers to be one of the greats and someone at the top of the list of artists she would love to collaborate with.

“He came to my show in Seattle,” she gushed. “That’s as big as it gets for me, honestly, that really, really does, I mean unless I could meet Freddie Mercury somehow.”

Hear about some of the other A-list artists Tones and I has met and wants to collaborate with in our interview above.

In the meantime, she isn’t resting on her laurels. Her extensive world tour comes back to North America in April and she’s putting the finish touches on a new album.

“I’ve got a few songs that are ready to go so I’m going to drop some of those really soon and then the full album will come out not long after that,” she revealed.

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