Where Is It Filmed? A TV Show's Guide To Filming Locations In The City

Here's where to find all of the locations from Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Empire and Shameless!

February 20, 2018

(Photo by Anthony Behar)


Everyone always says Chicago is kind of like the new Hollywood, and they aren't lying!

There are currently more than 10 TV shows filming in the city and last year, they brought in about $1.3 billion dollars.

So, not only is Chicago getting the much-deserved recognition, but we're also getting money and bringing in more tourists who want to see all of the filming locations.

We've compiled a list for you of all the places you need to see from TV shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Empire, and Shameless!


1. Chicago Firehouse

The firehouse from Chicago Fire is obviously a must-see. It's located at 1360 S. Blue Island Avenue in Chicago and is a frequent spot for tourists and fans. You can't tour the actual set but you can watch from afar and even meet some of the show's stars!


2. Molly's Bar

Everyone's favorite after-work bar Molly's is actually a neighborhood sports bar in Bucktown called Lottie's Pub. They filmed on location at 1924 W. Cortland St. until the early in season 2, when Molly's was built at Cinespace. Yep, that set looks EXACTLY the same. So while the actors no longer come to the bar, you can still feel like you're really drinking with them after work! And make sure to order either the Chicago Fire, Chicago PD or Chicago Med burger. (We're still waiting for them to add the Chicago Justice burger!)


3. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios

This is the "Warner Bros" lot of Chicago. Linespace is home to many of the shows filming in Chicago right now including all four "Chicago" shows, APB, Empire, and The Excorcist. They have tons of sets and soundstage set up on the North Lawndale Campus at 16th and Rockwell.


4. Chicago Fire Academy

Several scenes have been shot in the hallway at 558 W. De Koven St. You are free to roam around the ground floor inside and check out the glass case full of badges from fallen firefighters. Fun fact - it's also built on a site where the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was started.


5. PD's District 21 

This is actually the UIC Police Headquarters at 943 W. Maxwell St. You can take pics in front of the exterior but don't expect to be greeted by Platt upon entering! It's also a few blocks from the firehouse so it's like killing two birds with one stone! Just be careful walking around at night.


6. The Roof Where Everyone From Med is Always Getting a "Breather"

The popular hospital rooftop is located at 1653 W. Congress Pkwy but looking East. Also Rush University Medical Center Rush Tower; 1620 W. Harrison Street.


7. The Exterior of Chicago Med

Chicago Med where all of our favorite doctors work is located at 1675 W. Congress Pkwy aka Rush Medical Center. It's a little East of S. Paulina Street. Also 1653 W. Congress Pkwy.


8. Empire Headquarters

The exterior of the building is at 353 N. Clark Street. Always shown is the Clark side of the corner building. It is supposed to represent New York though - fooled weren't ya?


9. Lyon Mansion

Lucious Lyon's huge mansion is actually located at 45 Lakeview Lane in Barrington.


10. The Hood Recording Studio

You know the dangerous recording studio where even Cookie wasn't safe? That's at 2444 W. 16th Street!


11. Shameless House 

The home of the dysfunction Gallagher family on the series Shameless is located at 2119 S Homan Ave. Just be aware - someone LIVES in that house and they'll come out and crash your party! 


12. Jackson House 

The Jackson house is located at 1937 S. Spaulding Ave.


13. Kevin and Veronica’s House

Kevin and Veronica's home is also located on Homan Ave, just a few doors down actually - 113 S Homan Ave.


14. Daily Filming Locations

Since many of these are filming around the city, you can track them all right HERE or on the Twitter feeds of @Filming_Chicago and @olv.