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WATCH: Halsey on SNL

SNL is back for their 45th season! Last night Halsey helped kick things off as their musical guest! Check out her 2 performances below! "You Should Be Sad": Video of Halsey: You Should Be Sad (Live) - SNL "Finally / Beautiful Stranger": Video of Halsey: Finally // Beautiful Stranger (Live) - SNL Read More
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LIST: What People REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

Is your Valentine not exactly the flowers and candy kinda Valentine? GOOD! These new ideas will have your Valentine loving you like it's 02/14 EVERY DAY after they get these! Check out our list below of gift ideas for your 2020 Valentine! 2020 Valentines Day Ideas 1) Pickle Bouquet A post shared by... Read More
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New Episode of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST w/ cohost Tate McRae

Julia got a little (actually, very) perturbed at Tyler for what he made her do for Truth Or Dare Wars this week. (SPOILER ALERT: it involved eating parts of a lamb that you should never put in your mouth). Julia and Tyler discuss a new internet thing guys are doing with soy sauce. It's just as dumb... Read More

Chicago Restaurant Week Edition: High Low Game

Mark & Alex are this weeks contestants on the #HighLowGame. Gabe & Nina will name 3 of their favorite dishes from restaurants around Chicago, then it's up to Mark & Alex to guess the price. Winner walks away with exclusive Gabe & Nina coffee mugs! Read More

Who Did This George Washington Project?: Lie Detectors

Teacher Cristina's student just turned in a project like no other, but this student never displayed this kind of grade A work before. Now Teacher Cristina is left wondering if this project was truly put together by only her student or with the help of someone else. Gabe, Nina, and the #LieDetectors... Read More