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Singer-Actor Harry Styles in 2017

The B96 9 Most Wanted : We Adore You Harry Styles

Tomorrow is Two Ticket Tuesday and we're hooking you up with Harry Styles tix all day! So was that an extra reason so many votes for "Adore You," were pouring in tonight? See the full countdown below! The B96 9 Most Wanted for 12/09/19 9- Shaed "Trampoline" 8- Travis Scott "Highest in the Room" 7-... Read More

Tom Tries to Date a Popular Girl: Hookup Hotline

Can Tom find someone who loves dogs and Comic con as much as he does? He and Lisa have 96 seconds on the #HookupHotline to figure out if they want to #Hookup or #Hangup. What will they pick? Find out! #Gabe&Nina #HookupHotline Read More
Photo by RO @RadiobecChicago

Top 5 Backstage Moments at the 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash

There is so much going on at every B96 show and this year's Pepsi Jinglebash proved it to be true again! Sure you see the amazing show...but what about the "show" happening backstage? I got you! TOP 5 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash Backstage Moments 5- NCT 127 Are Fans! NCT 127 fans go CRAZY for them...and... Read More