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Kenzie's Kwickies: Sweating The Small Stuff

There are a lot of big and valid concerns people are currently facing during this pandemic. That being said, Kenzie K is the definiteion of someone who sweats the small stuff and can't stop thinking about 4 main things after we come out of this quarantine! If you wanna join in on a Kwickie with... Read More
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Chicago Bookstores That Are Dropping Off Your Order!

Tons of local Chicago bookstores are allowing online shopping and making sure your books make it to your door. Whether it's for you, your children, or maybe your partner needs some self improvment; there is no better time than the present to get ahead on your reading! 57th Street/Seminary Co-op :... Read More

Gabe & Nina Switch Teams: Wake Up Wars

Gabe & Nina bring in a new twist to #WakeUpWars. They have both agreed to switch captain roles on their teams. Jenn will represent #TeamGabe, James will be on #TeamNina. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabeVsTeamNina Read More

How Bad Does Chloe Want A Quarantine Partner?:Hookup Hotline

The perfect way to date and remain 6 feet apart is on #TheHookupHotline. Jeremy & Chloe aren't letting the pandemic get in the way if their search for love. They have 96 seconds to ask each other questions and learn more about one another. When the 96 seconds are up, then they will decide if... Read More
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Get ready for it: Malort Hand Sanitizer

Is Malort hands the new Malort face? If you're not familiar with this drink that will burn your soul here's a recap: Video of Malort: the liquor Chicago loves to hate The distillery (right here in Chicago) has announced that they are doing their part in the fight against COVID-19 and are making... Read More
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Bindi Irwin Ties the Knot

Congrats to Bindi Irwin and her fiance (now husband!) Chandler Powell - they got married! Bindi and Chandler's wedding date was set for 03/25/20 and despite all of the social distancing and shut-downs they wanted to keep their they got married with no guests! Check out her post sharing... Read More
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B96 Cares: Gabe and Nina Want Your Help Saying Thanks

With fear of COVID-19/Coronavirus and everyone asked to stay at home, there are still people getting up every day and putting themselves on-the-line to give us service, trying to save -our-lives and more. To show love and give thanks, Gabe and Nina want to know who these local "heroes" are! Would... Read More