96 Seconds with Alessia Cara: Which Body Part is She Most Attracted to?

The singer also reveals the WORST lie she's ever told.

November 19, 2018

Here at B96 we like to do put celebrities on the spot and see how well they know themselves during our "96 Seconds" segment. 

Our latest player was Alessia Cara, who was here promoting her new album, The Pains of Growing, which drops on November 30th. 

Fun fact — Alessia is the principal writer on every single song on the album!

She revealed her the body part she's most attracted to, the weirdest thing about fame, the one dish she can cook in her sleep, and what fruit she would want to be. 

Our favorite answer, however, was the worst lie she ever told. In her defense, she was seven-years-old, but we need a little more context! 

Check out the segment in the player above!