#WheresNina: A Visit to the Most Instagrammable Restaurant in Chicago

February 26, 2019

“I live to create shockingly delicious and awe-inspiring dining and event experiences. Everything else  is just boring.” – Barton G.

Barton G. definitely lives by these words. His new River North restaurant is a show from the moment you walk in. Every piece of decor is picked by owner Barton G. with a unique vision behind each piece.

And you'll find yourself in awe at how well he combines fine dining with interactive dining.

We sat down with Mr. Barton G. himself to get the scoop about the vision and creativity behind the decor, food, and presentation of the restaurant.

"Nothing comes out basic", he says. The food is brought out on "vehicles" that are custom made with his vision in mind.

According to him, there hasn't been a table that hasn't pull out their phones during their dining experience -- it's THAT shareable.

If you're coming to Barton G. on a date, you better have some serious conversations going on because you might just lose their attention to the 'gram life. On the other hand, if you want to get lucky, you take her to Barton G. first! 

The takeaway after a night of dining: remember what you ate and what you ate it on. Easy enough with all those Insta photos, right?

If you want to be immersed in beauty while you eat, Barton G. is the place for it!

Check out #WheresNina's fine dining experience in the video above.

Find all of Barton G.'s edible creations on Insta HERE!