#WheresNina: A Visit to the Most Romantic Restaurant in the US

Geja's Cafe is the place for an unforgettable dining experience

February 14, 2019

Fondue means "to melt," and that’s exactly what you’ll do when you step into Geja’s Café located in Lincoln Park.

Geja’s Café has been around since 1965 and was recently crowned THE MOST romantic restaurant in the US. We sat down with Proprietor Jeff Lawler to find out why.

The minute you walk in, the beauty and ambiance of the restaurant surrounds you. There is so much detail that really makes Geja’s special -- the hearts on the bar, the dining room dimmed to candlelight, the hundreds of wine bottles surrounding the tables, and the live guitarist.   

We spoke to Jeff, who shared just HOW romantic of a place Geja’s is. Roughly 2-3 couples get engaged each week and most proposals end with the word “Yes.”  

Geja’s is very interactive, which also sets it apart from other restaurants. At other places, you place your order, wait for it, eat, and leave. At Geja’s you become part of the experience. You start off the night getting hands-on with your food, cooking it together and creating long-lasting memories.

Dip into the experience with us in the video above.