Artist Spotlight - Get to Know AJ Mitchell in "96 Seconds"

What's his favorite movie genre, how would he describe his upcoming album & more!

September 11, 2018

AJ Mitchell is a rising star who has already amassed a major following on social media. He has 390K dedicated followers on Twitter alone. 

The 17-year-old Illinois singer recently scored a deal with Epic Records — they pursued him, not the other way around — and is already creating a ton of buzz with his brand new video for the hit, "Girls/"

We sat him down to play a lightning round of "96 Seconds" in our B96 BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage so we could really get to know him! 

The one word to describe his upcoming album? "Hopeful," he told Tyler. 

Find out what his favorite movie genre is, what his guilty pleasure is, and which holiday he loves the most.