Bazzi Teases Possible Collaboration with Queen Lizzo!

This would be our dream duet!

June 26, 2019

Bazzi has always made us feel beautiful. 

Lizzo has always made us feel beautiful in our own skin no matter the size. 

It seems like the next obvious step in our #loveyourself journey would be to bring Lizzo and Bazzi together for an epic and positive anthem. 

big mood... love u @lizzobeeating

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I don't want to get your hopes up since nothing is confirmed as of yet, but it may just happen. 

Bazzi chatted with Julie and Kenzie backstage at the B96 Pepsi #SummerBash and while he was expressing his love for Lizzo, he mentioned that he's "really excited to work on something with her."

So, we put that out into the universe and now, we're waiting for it to manifest itself. 

Snag tickets to see Lizzo at Gallagher Way on August 10th right HERE