Chelsea Cutler chats it up with Julia and Tyler before her sold out Chicago show!

Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST!

March 10, 2020

It's been 63 days since Chelsea jumped on Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST!  She's now the second person (shoutout to Normani) to be a three time guest on this podcast.  Pretty sure she is just as proud of that as she is this sold out tour and new album.

Julia and Tyler chat with Chelsea about Coachella.  She's on the lineup.  So whats next?  Are the venues on her tour doing anything about this coronavirus?

The album has been out almost two months.  Was it everything she hoped and dreamed?  The tour is sold out.  Is it everything she hoped and dreamed? 

What has she learned in the last 63 days with her first major album release and tour?   Chelsea also produced her album.   Are there any hidden things on the album we gotta listen for?

Chelsea also reveals her invention that may change the world.