It's DIBS Season In Chicago & Here Are The Rules!

November 26, 2018

The first storm of the season brings us enough snow to call DIBS!

It's a little trashy looking when you have lawn furniture and other random personal items lined up on the street all winter but it is a necessity in Chicago! Keep in mind, there are rules when it comes to parking spot DIBS. Here they are:

  • RULE #1 You dig it's yours!
  • It needs to be in front of your house.
  • Don't you dare shovel the snow out and into your neighbors already shoveled out spot.
  • There needs to be a decent amount of snow. Don't try to claim a spot unless there was actually enough snow to shovel.
  • Acceptable personal items to claim DIBS: lawn furniture, household items like vacuums or iron boards, trash cans, large kid toys, inflatables. Unacceptable items: cardboard boxes, trash, your Nana's walker.
  • Retaliation is to be expected if you park in a space someone else shoveled out and claimed. You have been warned.