Houston Now Has Their Own Bean-like Sculpture

Apparently, some in Chicago are upset

March 28, 2018


Apparently, some in Chicago are mad about this.  

The same sculptor that made the "Bean" that sits in Millennium Park whipped up a very similiar sculpture in Houston.  I would even say that it's the same freaking thing except its flipped on it's end.  This has enraged some people including Kim Janssen at the Tribune who said

“If being surrounded by a cultureless abyss insufficiently communicates to confused tourists that they are in Houston, the bean’s verticality will therefore act as an additional reminder of their poor life choices".

Damn.  Wee bit harsh.   

The bean thing we have here is kinda dumb and is just a fancy(ish) mirror for tourists.  BUT, IT'S OUR KINDA DUMB AND FANCY(ISH) MIRROR FOR TOURISTS, HOUSTON!  As far as the sculptor.... I'm no artist, but you can't take an existing piece of art and flip it on it's side and call it a new piece of art.  Bob Ross never painted another Mona Lisa and turned it sideways.   You can't remix a kinda dumb and fancy(ish) mirror for tourists like it's a Drake song (probably).  But, in reality, I can't fault him.  If someone is gonna pay you for this "creativity", (ahem, Houston) then you cash that check immediately.