Man Breaks Into Taylor Swift's Home, Takes A Shower And A Nap

Well, this is scary

April 21, 2018

NYPD arrested the man inside her place. Taylor was not inside at the time.  

This guy jumps up a ladder, breaks a window and gets into Taylor's NYC house.  He then promptly takes a shower and a nap.  Can't really blame the guy.  Napping improves productivity and performance.  Science has proven this.  It's even on WedMD which is a proven site for making you think you have cancer every time you get a head cold.  Smart move by the perpetrator, you have to be alert for your escape.   

You also can't be dirty.  In fact, here's 25 reasons why showers are important. Guaranteed that Taylor Swift doesn't have poor water pressure either.  I bet that shower was awesome.  Either way, we all need naps and showers.  Probably shouldn't do it at Taylor Swift's house unless she says it's cool, but the guy had the right idea.