Chelsea Cutler

Chelsea Cutler co-hosts this week's Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST w/ Julia & Tyler!

Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST!!

January 8, 2020

The first episode of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST in 2020.  After 41 artists jumped on the pod last year, Julia and Tyler put together their artist wishlist for 2020.  They have their big boss Erik Bradley jump on to figure out which are actually realistic. 

Then B96 midday human Kenzie K hops on to talk about why she's such a thrifty ho (her words) and how she exercises her cheap nature to the best of her ability.  She rarely pays for food and shares her tips on how you can be just like her.  It's an educational segment.  

Then CHELSEA CUTLER comes back to cohost the pod for the first time since Lolla.  She's got a new album on 1/17.  She's lovely, she's talented, she's funny.