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New sode of Spanky's Corner: A Podcast! It's got some WDW news

Epidsode 15 of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST!

September 26, 2019

Julia and Tyler announce that Why Don't We will be on the next episode and then break down who is the hottest member of the group (as only these grown ass adults can do).  Julia has an irrational fear of wearing the same thing twice.  Tyler comes up with a new app for the ladies (you're welcome).  

We dive into the lady at a Louisiana truck stop that fought off a camel by biting its balls.  You read that right and it leads to many more questions.  

Then Sonic from 104.3 Jams jumps on to play "F Marry Kill: White Claw Flavors".  We also propose a top notch idea that involves him wearing a shock collar to help him get better with the ladies.  It's for science.  It's also for our personal entertainment.