LISTEN: Lauv is this week's cohost on Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST

Spanky's Corner: GOOOO MEATTTTT!!! (ft. Lauv)

October 16, 2019

Episode 17 (we think).  Tyler and Julia (mostly Julia) spend a solid 7 minutes ripping on marathoners and their big accomplishment that neither of them can ever achieve.

Then they bring on high power major label record executive Josh.  He is lifelong listener of this stupidity and offers up some critiques of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST from someone inside the biz.  Tyler and Julia also find out EXACTLY how their big, big boss Todd feels about this podcast.  

Then Lauv jumps on to co-host the last part of the show.   What artist would he wait in line for in the cold to see?   You can have 16 guesses and you'll still be wrong.   Somehow, that morphs into a solid F Marry Kill where Callie.... the Director of Marketing and Brand Activation Director of Direction (actual title) of B96 joins in.