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New White Claw Flavors, Pregnant Katy Perry, Gaga Coming To Wrigley! Your Evening Spank Podcast 3/5! Gossip On The Go!

Your Evening Spank Podcast w/ Julia and Tyler: Fri 3/6

March 6, 2020

Julia is sick. In an effort to prove this podcast doesn't need her, Tyler brings in Sonic from 104.3 Jams.  They immediately realize this podcast does, in fact, desperately need Julia. 

Sonic is the biggest White Claw fanboy on this and most planets.  Spanky's Corner takes a deep dive into the three new flavors that just got announced.  

Katy Perry is pregnant (as predicted here on this podcast first or 195th).   So, what's this mean for her future fake relationship with Tyler?  Also, Sonic used to AOL Messenger Katy.  Like for real.  For a while.  Then she got really famous.  

The world eating record for most number of Big Macs at one sitting has been set and (here comes a big tease --->) THE NUMBER WILL ASTOUND YOU.  Tyler and Sonic break down the cost, the calories and the weight of what may be one of the single greatest feats in human history.  

Lady Gaga is coming to Chicago!  Tyler tells a solid Gaga story about a super early performance of hers.