Your Evening Spank

Gaga Album Date, Adam Levine Apology, The Reason For Post Malone's Face Tattoos. Your Evening Spank Podcast for Mon 3/2!

Your Nightly Bunch Of Nonsense

March 3, 2020

Gossip and nonsense on the go!

Julia and Tyler have 5 things that we can finally look forward to in March.

Oprah in the news AGAIN!  Tyler thinks her stage fall this weekend was a staged promotional opportunity.  Julia and Tyler break down the top five tumbles of all time.  Julia's dad is upset with her about something that was said on this podcast last week.

Post Malone discusses why he got face tattoos.

Adam Levine had to issue a public apology?  What could've that beautiful human possibly done?

Why did Matthew McConaughey have to rebrand himself? 

Julia plays the game "Would You Rather Sleep With Channing Tatum or Paul Rudd"?  It leads to quality idea for and MTV show ... "Made:  Having Sex With Channing".  

Lady Gaga new album date!  Demi Lovato new song date!!!