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Your Evening Spank Podcast w/ Julia & Tyler -- Wed Mar 11th

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March 13, 2020

Your Evening Spank for Wed Mar 11th, 2020.  

Julia and Tyler discuss the biggest news anywhere on the planet.  The news that everyone is talking about.  The news thats dominating the headlines.  Taco Bell has a new menu item!!  

Also, CORONAVIRUS COVID-19!!!!  It hit the building in Chicago where the B96 studios are (and where this lovely podcast is recorded).  Julia and Tyler and now risking their lives to bring you this nonsense.

A fake tweet went viral and now people think Daniel Radcliffe got himself some coronavirus.  

Julia has a list of the top fifteen TV shows that need to come back.  

Vanessa Hudgens has gone peak Instagram.  Tyler is finally onboard.  

Wash your hands.