Joe Raedle / Staff

Four Loko Is Back With a Dangerous New Hard Seltzer

14% ABV!?!

August 14, 2019

Our generation is split into two types of people: those who remember Four Loko and those who don't.

And now, I'm going to say something that's going to bring us all to the days of 2007 -- Four Loko is making its glorious return with a new, equally as dangerous drink. 

The famous alcoholic beverage caused quite a stir back in the day when it became associated with dangerous binge-drinking in young teens.

The malt-drink, a deadly mix of 12% alcohol, stimulants, and caffeine (roughly 2 cups), led to hospitalization and even death. 

After much scrutiny and being banned in a dozen states, the company changed up the formula and pulled the drinks reminiscent of college partying off of shelves for good.

But now, they're back. 

Four Loko is penetrating the hard seltzer space with an equally controversial drink. 

In an attempt to rival summer's hottest poolside drink, White Claw (5%) and Truly (5%), Four Loko created a hard seltzer with a whopping 14% alcohol by volume. 

If they've somehow managed to make a seltzer that embodies the taste of its predecessors and doubles in alcohol, well, society has another Loko problem on their hands.

No word on when the drink will hit shelves. 

Here as some of the funniest tweets about Four Loko's return: