10/6- Full Show - The Gabe & Nina Podcast

October 6, 2020
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Miss anything on today's episode of Gabe & Nina ? We got you covered, listen to the entire episode or pick up where you left off using the markers.


Gabe & Nina's 6 @6 - Another day, another celebrity sponsorship meal at McDonalds. Gabe & Nina discuss the new J.Balvin meal at McDonald's and what sandwhich Gabe would sponsor at McDonald's.


Throwback Trivia - This reality show first aired in 2006. The show was on the Oxygen Network and followed a "club" of girls who tried to establish dominance by making some girls go home.


Halloween Around The World- International Twitter users had questions about Halloween in the U.S. So, Gabe & Nina tried their best to answer some of their questions.


Baby Daddy Check-In - Gabe's daughter had a growing day yesterday. What's a growing day? Gabe explains on the Baby Daddy Check-In.


Wake Up Wars - Cory is back to defend her title against Jason. Two more wins and she wins a free breakfast. 


Getting Those Extra Steps In - Do you keep track of your steps? What about those extra steps ? Gabe & Nina talk about the struggle of steps and hitting your daily goal.


TMI Tuesday - Gabe & Nina are getting messy today. Has your friends ex ever attempted to get with you after their break up?