6/19- Full Show- The Gabe & Nina Podcast

June 19, 2020
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Gabe's Scooter - Gabe decided to change the way he commutes to work and it almost backfired on him. What happened this morning ?


Throwback Trivia -  When you're talking about Pixar classics you have to mention the "Toy Story" movie series. Do you remember the name of the actor that voiced the iconic character in the film Woody ?


First World Friday-  The lives of Gabe & Nina are very difficult lives to live, that's why there's First World Fridays. What did Gabe & Nina complain about this week?


Gabe & Nina Discuss Juneteenth - With more and more companies observing the holiday Juneteenth, Gabe & Nina want to make sure you are familiar with this holiday.


Father's Day Popeyes Hack -  There are hacks and there are absolutely necessary hacks like this one. Gabe reveals a way you can secure a Popeyes' Chicken Sandwhich for free !


Baby Daddy Check-In - Yesterday, Gabe's daughter Whitney just had her first shots. Baby Momma Nicole joins the show to talk about how it all went down. 


Wake Up Wars - It's sink or swim for Team Nina, they haven't won a game all week and are on the brink of owing Gabe some steak! Representing for Team Gabe is Matt and playing for Team Nina is Adrianna.


Daddy Matt & His Daughter Vanessa Join The Show - Everything was going great until it wasn't for Vanessa. She is in love and getting married, but her dad Matt also known as "Daddy Matt" told her she's receiving $5,000 from him. Vanessa is here to make her case and tell her dad why she deserves more, but also ask him why did he decide to hold back financially now? 


Avocados Make Everything Taste Better- Gabe & Nina are looking for some summer foods to try avocados with. What will they end up choosing and more importantly, do avocados make it taste better?


Nina's Dad Gives Gabe Fatherly Advice-  Father's Day is this weekend and who better to ask for fatherly advice than a seasoned vet, Nina's dad.