6/22- Full Show- The Gabe & Nina Podcast

June 22, 2020

Miss anything on today's episode of Gabe & Nina ? We got you covered, listen to the entire episode or pick up where you left off using the markers below


Gabe & Nina's Top 6 @ 6 - A little pop culture, a little bit of Gabe & Nina. The duo share their top 6 stories of the weekend including Gabe's first Father's Day experience.


Throwback Trivia - Jim is going to get 3 questions. One about a movie, one about a song, and another about a show. If Jim get's all 3 questions correct, Gabe & Nina treat him to a song.


Bumble BFF - Nina is out making new friends, just not in the way you'd expect! How successful was it ? Gabe & Nina talk about it.


Baby Daddy Check-In - Gabe's daughter is pushing boundaries and showing Gabe the impossible is very possible. He tells us on the Baby Daddy Check-In.


Wake Up Wars - It's a Man-Eater Monday, well at least that's Nina hopes it is. Team Nina hasn't won a week in some time and a Monday win would really help. Representing for Team Nina is Adrianna, Brandon is here & ready to play for Team Gabe.


How Bad Are The Fireworks In Your Neighborhood ? - The closer we get to the 4th, the louder these fireworks are getting. Gabe & Nina share what their experiences were with the fireworks across the city over the weekend. 


Avocados Make Everything Taste Better - Italian Ice is a summer time favorite here in Chicago, but will that still be the case when it's paired with Avocado?


Disturbing Lawn Ornaments - This guy put an unusual lawn ornament on the front of his house and the police were not having it. Why was this man arrested and what did he put out there?


Misinterpreting Messages - Nina sent a message to a friend over the weekend and she received a not-so excited response from him, what did she say and why does Gabe think it was out of line?