6/23 - Full Show - The Gabe & Nina Podcast

June 23, 2020
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Gabe & Nina's 6 @6 - Gabe & Nina are cover all bases with some top stories in pop culture and some top stories in their personal lives.


Social Distance Workouts - Covid or not people want to work out, Nina tells us what a gym is doing to make sure their clients can still get their "hot yoga" on.


Throwback Trivia - Darcy joins the show to play Gabe & Nina's Throwback Trivia. Does she know what show first aired in 1999 on HBO, that follows the life of Tony at home and in the mob?


Baby Daddy Check-In - On this check-in, Gabe talks about the sleeping arrangements happening in his house and why it was time to switch them up.


Wake Up Wars - Nina's worst nightmare is still happening, Her team has once again lost on Monday so she really needs Olivia to step up and do the job. Life is good for Gabe and his team, they have Brandon stepping up to the plate for them.


Naming Your Kids - Gabe & Nina talk about the different processes people take when it comes to naming their kids.


People Buy Anything -  If you could open up a store, what product would you be selling? This man just opened up his new store and Gabe couldn't believe he didn't think of this first.


Trampoline Injuries - Trampolines injuries are going up, so why do people keep buying them?


Post Malone's New Tattoo - Post Malone found a rare blank space on his body, so he got another tattoo. Where did he get it this time and what did he get?


Drinking Before 21 - How would you get your liquor before you turned 21 ? Gabe & Nina take a trip down memory lane and asks Chicago what was their hack to get liquor.


Sexy Spanish Talk - The Spanish lessons continue on Gabe's sexy spanish talk. Elizabeth is going to hear 3 spanish statements, she has to figure out if what she just heard is sexy or silly.


TMI Tuesday - The adults come out to play on TMI Tuesday. Today's topic has to do with pies and cleaning before eating them, what in the world is Gabe & Nina talking about? Tune in to find out!